Sunday, 28 July 2019

Blogs with Revisiting Week #1

It's a rough note post intended to save these links. I know a better idea to save links is by putting in the fav basket. Even better idea is to use Evernote. I have tried once, but I haven't got the hang of it. will try to make Evernote my place to save the link for future visits.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Gift out of Care

When was the last time you gave something to a stranger? Even if it was a rupee? I like the idea of gifting to strangers and I have done to partial success.

Today, as I was reading a blog by James Ultcher, I suddenly dawned on me to write about this topic - gifting. The reason what struck me was the drizzling rain, and the speedy winds.
I thought of the fisher folks who are out at sea - what kind of weather proof dress are they wearing in the catamaran or motorized launch? Most probably, some kind of rain coat, and shorts or it could be lungi.

What if there was a voluntary donation system so that individuals could easy donate some needy things to people who are at the fringes. 

Let's me start with the pennies I had shared:

1. Paid Rs 2 to lady who didn't have change to give to the pre-paid auto counter at Cantonment railway station.

2. Paid Rs 10 to a lady in some railway station, when the train halted there. She was waiting to buy water and she too didn't have change or was not willing to change the 100 she had.

3. Long ago I bought chocolate and gave to  the sale girl at FoodWorld. She was perplexed and she refused. It was a odd situation. She felt that I was hitting on her or I wanted some favor.

( All these gifts cost very less amount. Anyone could have done it. However, we don't get the opportunity to be there when a person needs it. So, how do we connect the person who needs and the giver? Can a mobile app be developed for this?

Not a bad idea!

4. Today, when I was passing Kumarapuram junction, rain started falling. The fisher women opened their umbrella to cover themselves partially. Wish someone could gift them a beach umbrella type. I had written this in an earlier post.

Cantonment to Trivandrum Kochu Veli

Bag and Baggage

Cantonment Station 

I wonder why we carry too-much luggage on any trip - be it a holiday or a routine trip to Trivandrum! Is it a our bad planning or has it something to do with our Indian mentality?

When it comes to packing stuffs for a trip, we don't spare any thought on what to carry, and how much to carry. Due to this, we end up loading our luggage with extras of everything - from underwear to usable stuff.

What takes most of the space in a holiday trip?

Is it the dress and clothes to wear?
Is it the accessories to make up connected? Tablet/laptop/chargers, extra mobile,

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Happiness Sale Thoughts

Happiness Sale - Call Out

Trivandrum Central
The ways of business is often an unclear path. Some business shines from day one, while others take time to find a strong footing. However, there's no guarantee on how a business can last long.

Over the years we know how many popular brands has become obscure with the passing of time. Each one would have a list of names which they can recall - from the corner store of your neighborhood to the big names in the town.

Just as I write, I was thinking of one brand - Dasprakash ice cream. I remember having it when I came to Mysore on trip along with my uncle.

A shop and lodge called Pearl at Pattom. During school break, or when we leave school, we go tot this shop to buy sipup. These are just two examples.

I wonder if there's a science to find or a scientific way to predict or bring back a struggling business to soaring profits. Or is the reason for loss or closure tied to a person's decision or something that happened! This is not just business, it could be about the Club you went during college or a party that went out of favor or a library which remained the same.

Happiness Sale at Central Trivandrum

Yesterday, I visited Trivandrum Central to buy tee shirts and shots. Most of my tee shirts are loosing at the seems, and most of it look in a bad shape. Luckily, some money has come in and I thought this is the right time to get new dresses.

Trivandrum Central operates from a big glass building at Pattor junction. I've been there to their multi-plex theater on the top floor to watch Ishq.

It was Saturday evening on the day of Happiness Sale, but there was not much considerable crowd. Probably, there are sale at Max, Brand Factory, WestSide, etc. Whatever, It was not a good feeling to see a big clothing store with this crowd - should be better to make it profitable.

Imagine the cost of running this big building - salary to the staff, power to run the building ( I'm struggling to pay for my house) and all the string of taxes, maintenance, etc.

I'm no expert or a strategic person to suggest changes to the organization so that there's more profit potential. However, here are few suggestions.

1. Food Court in a shopping mall is a good ideas
 While we finished shopping my wifey suggested that we go for a drink upstairs. On enquiry I found that there's no tea or food stall, except for the one at Carnival Cinema.

What about opening a part of the place for quick bites ( KFC, Dosa, and other food counters) Having an outlet of Buhari, Ketal's, Paragon, etc will be a hightlight. ( Just a suggestion)

2. Sports Arena for Kids and Biggies

  Sports facilites, such as play area where kids can win coupons, etc could be a good idea. I have been to Garuda Mall in Bangalore. They have a place for sports, where kids and seniors can spend some time. If space permits, even a Cricket Pitch, just like the one in 1MG Mall could be an idea. What about Mystery Rooms! Probably, the upcoming L Mall at Kazhakuttam will have space and option for these.

3. Booze Outlet ( First Beverages Outlet)

  This could be an idea to get footholds in a place. In Bangalore, I have seen some shopping centres at Koramangala having a outlet to buy booze. Question is will our family crowd like the proxmity of booze shop in a shopping place.


4. Faster Checkout 
   This is very important, but how. Today when I went for exchange of two tee shirt, I had to wait around 20 minutes for a person to check out. With only one counter, it was taking too long. Is there a faster way to close the deal, collect the money. The Central Team has to think, brainstorm some hi-tech concepts where they can advertise that their checkout is only 2 minutes. I guess, there must be a smarter way to make it express checkout possible.

5. LABEL with SENSORS ( Instant Count of Label Price, Quantity)

  This is a serious time waster for customer as well as the sales person. I was checking for XL size for the Tee shirt. And, just like everyone, I went look hunting for the cloth tab to see the size and price. Just imagine the time spend by the customer! It's the same with the case of a sales person. He or she can do it better, still there's a time factor.

I was thinking of a sensor with each shirt/clothing material, with which the sales people and the customer will know the number of pieces of size available. How to make this work!
It would require the use of some smart sensor and the data should be displayed in some tablet in the close by shelf. BINGO! Time saved. No wastage of time rummaging the clothes, looking for yours size. On a instant, the display will show how many pieces of one cloth is available.

One way is that customer just has to show the label on the tablet or scanner, and it will display the price. Another benefit of having a scanner will be for oldies like me, who will find it easy to read the price of garment. Have you seen how people in their 50's read the label? Without glasses, we have to pull the letter up and down to see the right figures.

( Probably this is the main thought I got from today's visit. What do you think about it? Do you think, we are too early to adopt such a sensor? 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Lassi Point at Cambridge Layout

Juice Shop

Quenching the Thirst with Lemon Juice

I love this part of Bangalore - plenty of trees which gives a perfect green cover to roads, filtering out the harsh sun during summer months.

Cambridge Layout in Bangalore was my first home in Bangalore. I had lived here for more than five years, making this place very familiar to me.

There's everything in this locality - from banks, ATM, Salon, Spa, Florist, Juice Shops, Temple, Church, Mosque, Provision store  ( Top N Town), Aquarium Centre, Internet Browsing Shop, Hopcom, Food World, Passport Photo Studio, etc)

Bonnie Tyler - It's A Heartache

What did you stumble upon this month? I mean, a new music, a poem, meet

a friend, saw a quote that touched you, learned a new lesson, changed your behavior, changed your mindset, see things in a new light, go easy on yourself, etc)

Few new songs...

1. My Broken Souvenirs

Auto Ride Through MG Road

Imagine a similar ride through M.G. Road, Bangalore - What would have changed in that decade? What if the same ride was taken 20 years or 30 years ago?

A lot has changed in Bangalore in the last 20 or 30 years. What was once a laid back city has changed with the so called IT boom? There are two aspects to this development - one is that people feel the city has become heartless - crowded, insane traffic, noise pollution, and corrupt. The other side of opinion belongs to people who have benefited - young professionals, start-ups, people who made millions from real estate deals, business growth, etc.

  • What's your opinion about the city? 
  • Do you like the way it's now? Or do you like the old part, with the modernity?
  • How do you tell yourself that things will be better for the city?

Auto Ride MG Road Bangalore